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Friday, April 17, 2009

Watch Susan Boyle Sings Cry Me A River

A allegedly long lost recording of British singing sensation Susan Boyle singing Cry Me A River has leaked from it's chest.

Ms. Boyle, if you missed the story, has become an international sensation after her thrilling performance , Susan is dowdy, unemployed virgin auditioning on talent show Britain’s Got Talent made its way on to YouTube. You can watch Susan Boyle in her audition here...

Here’s Susan Boyle singing Cry Me A River

The 1999 recording of Susan Boyle singing Cry Me A River comes from a charity CD that had a run of only 1000 copies, but was discovered by the Scottish newspaper The Daily Record. Well if this is true thanks to British Got Talent we have salvage the career of Boyle.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello Hello Hello

Hello Friends!!! It's been a while huh? How are you? Hope all of you are doing fine. but anyways, i'd like to announce to all of you that i have a new blog called Good Thoughts try to visit my new blog and be inspired...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Steps to follow, when using a computer

Have a thorough eye examination. While everyone should have their eyes checked once a year, annual eye exams are especially important for computer users.

Follow the "20/20 rule." Keep your face at least 20 inches from the screen and pause every 20 minutes or so to look around the room, so your eyes can focus on distant objects. Regular eye exercise helps prevent eye strain.

Place all materials you are working with at the same distance as the screen. This reduces strain of your eyes and neck.

Make sure you have a glare screen, which should block glare without making the characters on the monitor appear fuzzy. Also if possible, move or adjust the computer screen to avoid reflections from windows or indoor lights.

Sit on a stable, comfortable, adjustable chair. If it is possible to put the keyboard a few inches below the desktop, for example, with an adjustable table, or by using a center drawer of a desk for a pullout keyboard rest, do so. This will keep your arms at a more comfortable angle.

Place computer monitor at a 35-degree angle below your eyes. This reduces incidence of Dry Eye.

Use preservative-free artificial tears intermittently when on the computer if your eyes get red and irritated. Much of computer fatigue is caused by Dry Eye.

Finally, take periodic breaks from the computer during the day, walk around and do some non-computer tasks for about 15 minutes every two or three hours.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The competing giant of search engines had formulate a new way to find who's the best. MSN and Google had settle dispute in terms of rap. Watch this videoVote your favorite search engine here

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Earn money while you save

Hello, i already started a lens on it's called Thrifty Earner it's a lens where you could find thrifty tips at the same time doing a business. so im inviting everyone to check out my new lens.

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