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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why men cheat?

“One a cheater, always a cheater!” Do you believe in this? Well this was the subject of our discussion when I was out the other night with my friends. That was fun and healthy argument regarding a man’s infidelity. I find it amusing talking about it with guys around. Of course it is expected that they will defend themselves. But why does a man cheat? Who’s really at fault? Who’s to be blame when a man looks for another woman even if they’re already married or have a girlfriend?
I guess there is no man who admits their mistakes without making excuses…and worst, sometimes it is the woman they’re blaming why they cheat! Its bullshit really! That makes a man really stupid! Why would they put the blame to women when it’s them who made a mistake? There are so many alibis they will make just to justify their foolishness. They will say that women nag all the time. Well I guess a woman won’t nag if there’s no reason to nag for…another issue is lack of time. But who’s out of the house most of the time anyway? Isn’t it the man? Well there are women, who works but the couple can make proper arrangement with that and besides, sometimes the reason why women work is because some men can’t provide well to the family. Another reason that men cheat and I think is the most stupid is this: “They are men and it is just natural for them to look for another woman.” This is really unfair! This reason should be erased!
Men and women are born equal and I guess it should be apply in everything. But I’m not saying that it’s also okay if a woman will cheat too…of course it should not be. The point here is: “One person should not look for another or should not have another relationship if they’re already committed to someone.” They should consider “commitment” as a sacred thing. I think most men don’t value that word and most of them don’t know what “true love” means. Men are insensitive and only think of themselves most of the time. They only want to satisfy themselves and lust is always the first thing in their mind instead of love. They only see women as their toy and slave that they can just dump anytime they want. Well I guess if they are not satisfied with their partners anymore…at least have a heart to tell them so that they won’t look like a fool that still believing that they’re being love when the fact is they’re already being cheated! That’s so sad…
First and for all, if you truly love someone, the last thing you want to do is hurt that person. You only think of giving all the best for that person. You always want to make that person happy…willing to sacrifice everything. You do everything…you are being sensitive in everything that concerns that person. That’s what true love is…and I guess “men” are too dumb and cruel to realize that!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Naranasan ko mabangan at malasing mag suka mag suka matolog ng boung araw dahil mahina ang takawan sabog ang utak naka ngiti na dehydrate na anemic umihi ng dugo sumakit ang tyan. Kasalokoyan hang over pa ako ngayon habang ginagawa ko to. Dahil ito ang aking paraan upang kahit sandali kahit saglit lang malimutan ko ang problema. Maka ngiti man lng kasama ang tropa. manumbalik ang tuwa at saya sa mata. Maka palabas ng saloobin. Maging walang hiya kahit saglit lang. Hindi naman ibig sabihin nito tinatakbohan ko ang problema dahil bukas pag gising ko proproblemahin ko parin ito. Nag babaka sakali na maka hanap ng kasagotan sa kalasingan. Minsan epektibo naman minsan hindi, kaya't inom ulit at mag sindi ng damo gamot sa asthma.

Ikaw ano ang paraan mo?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Tarot Card

I just came across to this site and got curious about my tarot card, I'm only 12 y.o when i first saw a real complete set of tarot cards, I don't know the meaning of every cards so after i saw this site it touches my curiosity to check my tarot. So here's no my tarot card.

You are The Wheel of Fortune

Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of
intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

What Tarot Card are You?
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Filipino Biophysicist Discovers a Breakthrough in Cancer Diagnosis

Filipino Biophysicist Discovers a Breakthrough in Cancer Diagnosis

ESTEEMED members of the academe, proud guests and the new PhD graduates fill the large ornate hall in Ultrecht University in The Netherlands. Among the new batch of scientists, a Filipino stands out. His outstanding doctoral thesis created quite a stir in the medical and scientific field. Meet Jonathan Palero

Jonathan Palero finished his doctorate degree (Physics and Astronomy) from the Ultrecht University in The Netherlands last July 2007. His acclaimed work, entitled “Nonlinear spectral imaging of biological tissues”, offers a new procedure in cancer diagnosis.

In an interview with Asian Journal, Jonathan Palero explained his doctoral research and breakthrough work. “The microscope has been around since the 1600s, but it was not until the early 1900s that it emerged as a scientific tool rather than a hobbyist’s toy. Since then, the microscope saw its potential in biology and medicine.

More than a decade ago, a new development in skin cancer diagnosis emerged. This is known as Optical Biopsy.

Traditionally, cancer diagnosis is carried out by slicing or punching a hole into the diseased skin, cutting the biopsy into thin slices, fixing them on a slide, and placing these under the microscope for scrutiny by a Pathologist. This procedure takes about six weeks or more. Besides the invasiveness of this method, it is time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies.

Optical biopsy on the other hand promises accurate diagnosis of skin cancer without cutting up the tissue.

The work we did was intended to advance Optical Biopsy into a more accurate diagnosis method. By using an advanced technique called Nonlinear Microscopy, we were able to image cells deep inside living skin tissues. Although imaging cells inside tissues has been done before, we were the first to observe the natural ‘glow’ or auto-fluorescence of the cells in full color without the use of any artificial coloring or ‘staining’. The shape as well as the color of a cell changes depending on its state – healthy, dying, or cancerous. This has been a big step towards a more accurate cancer diagnosis,” Palero reported.
Because of the dramatic results and the impact of his research, Palero’s work was featured in a national newspaper in The Netherlands and was on the front cover and main story of the August issue of Biophysical Journal.

Despite all the amazing attention that he has been getting as a result of his work, Jonathan remains humble and unassuming. “Simple lang ako,” (I’m really quite simple) Jonathan or Onats (as he prefers friends to call him) describes himself.

“Napakadaling makibagay. Walang akong pinipiling kaibigan. Lahat gusto kong bigyan ng pansin.”(I’m easy to get along with. I make friends with anyone because I like to pay attention to people I meet.)

Palero finished his BS and MS in Physics in the University of the Philippines.

He was the recipient of the Gawad Chanselor Award (University Chancellor Award)in 2002. For his work on the Development of a Raman Light Source, Palero also got the award for Natatanging Imbensiyon at Inobasyon (Most Outstanding Invention and Innovation)in February 2002. While in UP, he worked on Laser Design and Development in the Photonics Research Laboratory and his research was the design and development of a Multi-color Hydrogen Raman Laser.

After finishing his Masters, awarded Most Outstanding MS Graduate, Jonathan then applied at different universities around the world. Utrecht University (and another Dutch University) responded and he was accepted after two interviews. He started his doctorate studies in 2003 and graduated July 2007.

When not busy doing scientific research, Jonathan relaxes with many hobbies.

“I love charcoal painting, playing the piano and guitar, writing poems, reading books, watching TV and movies, and playing computer games,” he relates. He is also a member (President, 2005-2006, Secretary, 2006-present) of Damayang Pilipino sa Nederland (DAMAYAN), an organization that helps poor Filipinos in the Philippines.

Palero’s recently developed technology takes three-dimensional color picture of living tissue by using a new measuring technique. This technique enables scientists to examine the tissue in vivo, without being removed from the body and being dissected. The unique microscope Palero used during his research has been equipped with a ‘femtosecond’ laser and a specific color-sensitive detector. His thesis explains that by using a color-sensitive detector it is possible to observe a color spectrum from each angle in the sample. The color spectrum of the biologically undamaged tissue provides information on the structure and biochemistry of the tissue. This way, changes in the skin may be observed very well, for instance, by UV-radiation and it may possibly discriminate tumors as well.

Palero excitedly shared his insight on his new technology. “We are optimistic that in the near future, using the spectral imaging technology we developed, diagnosis of skin cancer and other forms of superficial cancer such as esophageal or intestinal cancer will be easier, faster, more accurate and much less invasive and painful. Aside from the promise of real-time results, the system also offers opportunities to detect diseases more quickly and more directly without the need to remove any tissue.”


Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Oldest Blogger

Olive Riley Singing Smile smile smile. Olive Riley Turns 108,and believed to be the world's oldest blogger. The native Australian from South Wales celebrated her birthday last Wednesday together with the school kids singing a birthday song her favorite song pack up your troubles and smile smile smile and dancing with the Can can Girls. Granny has proven something even in her old age she still capable of blogging and interchange thoughts with young people on the web.

She added "interacting with public help her stay young"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ang Bulok na Lansones

Tiempo naman lansones, Barato lang ang
Lansones makabakal ka 40Kilo matam-is
manamit wla sing dunot. Pero kung mag
bakal ka sa Central Market barato pagd
10-15Pesos lng ang Kilo. Matam-is
manamit pero may lakot na dunot. Pili ka
lng sang lansones na pwede pa makaun.
Nakita ko si tiyay, Kilala ko ni sa
Pirme ni sa sa Dalan kay pirme ni sa
naga upod sa STRIKE batok Kay GLORIA
ARROYO, Nakita ko ni sa didto sa
Capitol, Didto pagd sa Atubang ka
Unitop. Kung baga Socially Aware gid ni
si Tiyay. Damo ni sa nabal-an na
kagarokan sa aton POLITICS damo na si sa
may gin pakigbato para sa kinamatarong
"san g tanan" si Tiyay indi ni sa ya
kuno "Selfish Patriot" akig ni sa sa mga
Capitalismo na wala patawad mag
ginansya. Akig ni sa Kapitan nila na
Kuropt. One Day nakita ko si tiyay pag
agi ko sa Central Market Nag bantay ako
to Jeep padulong sa akon puloy-an.
Nakita ko sa nag bakal sang lansones na
may samo na dunot ang tag 15/Kilo bala.
Naka upod kami sa isa ka jeep. Nag
bayad si tiyay kag pag ka tapos gn amat
amat bukad ang iya gn bakal na lasones.
Sigun sa trapik indi naman mapungan ni
Tiyay ang mag reklamo parte sa kabolokan
sang aton syudad. Damo lang siya
nabal-an na mga IDEA na mka solution sa
aton syud. Sa sulod sng jeep gakinumoron
siya samtang gna tulok siya sang mga
pasahero kay daw may "POINT" man si
tiyay, Daw wla kna mahimo kuni "Mag
Agree" nalang saiya. sang daw naubosan
na siya sng iya inog hambal. Gin sugoran
nya na ang pag kaon sang Lansones.
Manamit matam-is kag mahamot. Na daw
mangayo kaman kay kanami gd sng nabakal
nya na lansones. Okay na tani si tiyay.
ang PROBLEMA lang ang iya panit ka kag
kinan-an sa karsada nya ginahaboy. May
Punto man sa tani may idea man siya kun
tani madamo siya nabal-an. Ang masubo
lang kay iya kaugalingon indi nya ma
disiplina. Isa man gle si tiyay sa Bulok
na Lansones


Sabi MO , ang gobyerno natin ay palpak.

Sabi MO , ang mga batas natin ay sinauna.

Sabi MO , ang lokal na pamahalaan natin ay hindi maganda ang pagkolekta ng basura at ang paglilinis ng mga lugar.

Sabi MO , hindi gumagana ang mga telepono, katatawanan ang kalagayan ng trapiko, at hindi nakakarating sa paroroonan ang mga sulat.

Sabi MO , parang nasadlak sa basura ang ating buong bansa.

Sabi Mo , sabi MO, sabi MO.

E ano'ng ginagawa mo tungkol dito?

Kumuha ka ng isang taong papunta sa Singapore . Bigyan mo sya ng pangalan, yung sa IYO. Bigyan MO sya ng mukha, yung sa IYO. Lumabas KA sa airport nang
pinakamatino mong sarili na maipagmamalaki sa mundo..

Sa Singapore Hindi KA nagtatapon ng upos ng sigarilyo sa kalye. Ipinagmamalaki MO ang magaganda nilang underpass. Nagbabayad KA ng mga 60 pesos para
makapagmaneho sa Orchard Road (parang EDSA) mula alas 5 hanggang alas 8 ng gabi. Bumalik KA sa parking lot para bayaran ang parking tiket mo kung napasobra ka ng
oras sa shopping o sa pagkain sa isang restaurant. Sa Singapore , wala KAng sinasabi, meron ba?

Hindi MO susubukang kumain sa lantad kapag Ramadan sa Dubai . Hindi MO susubukang lumabas ng bahay na walang takip ang mukha sa Jeddah.
Hindi MO susubukang lagyan ang isang empleyado ng kumpanya ng telepono sa London para mapunta sa ibang tao ang mga long distance na tawag mo.

Hindi MO susubukang lumampas ng 90 kilometers per hour
sa Washington, at saka sasabihin sa pulis "Alam mo kung sino ako?"

Bakit di MO subukang dumura o magtapon ng upos ng sigarilyo o balat ng kendi sa mga kalye sa Tokyo ?

Bakit hindi MO subukang bumili ng pekeng mga papeles
sa Boston tulad ng ginagawa sa Recto?

Pinag-uusapan pa rin natin IKAW.

IKAW na gumagalang at sumusunod sa patakarang banyaga
sa ibang bansa pero hindi makasunod sa sarili mong lugar.

IKAW na tapon ng tapon sa kalye pagtuntong mo pa lang sa lupa.

Kung IKAW ay nakikisalamuha at pumupuri ng systema sa
bansang banyaga, bakit hindi KA maging ganyan sa Pilipinas?

Minsan sa isang panayam, ang dating Subic
Administrator na si Gordon ay may katwiran ng sinabi nyang "Ang mga aso ng mayayaman ay pinalalakad at pinadudumi ng may-ari sa kalye, tapos sila mismo ang
pumupuna sa may katungkulan sa kapalpakan sa paglilinis ng mga kalye. Ano ang gusto nilang gawin ng mga may katungkulan? Magwalis tuwing makakaramdam ng hindi maganda sa tiyan ang kanilang alaga?"

Sa America , bawat may-ari ng alaga ay dapat maglinis matapos ang pagdumi ng aso. Ganuon din sa Japan .

Gagawin ba ng mga Pilipino yun dito? Tama sya.

Pumupunta tayo sa botohan para pumili ng gobyerno at pagkatapos nuon ay tinatanggal na natin sa sarili ang responsibilidad. Uupo tayo sa isang tabi at paghihintay ng pagkalinga at umaasa na gagawin ng
gobyerno ang lahat habang wala tayong iniaalay.

Umaasa tayo sa pamahalaan na maglinis, ngunit hindi naman tayo titigil sa pagtatapon ng basura sa kung
saan-saan, at ni hindi tayo pupulot ng anumang piraso ng papel para itapon sa basurahan.

Pagdating sa mga panlipunang talakayin tulad nang hindi pagiging tapat sa kasal, sa mga dalagang ina, sa pagtatalik ng walang basbas ng kasal, at iba pa, maingay tayong nagpoprotesta ngunit patuloy naman
nating ginagawa ang mga ito.

Sa sandaling tayo ay mangulila kapag nasa labas tayo ng bansa, naghahanap tayo ng aliw sa iba, kadalasan sa kapwa rin natin Pilipino, na hindi natin iniisip ang ating katungkulan na ating sinumpaan sa ating pamilya nuong narito pa tayo.

Tapos sinisisi natin ang pamahalaan kapag nakikita natin ang karahasan sa kabataan, pagkagumon sa bawal na gamot, at iba pa, samantalang sinimulan natin ito sa hindi pagpansin sa pangangailangan ng ating mga
anak ng tunay na pag-gabay at responsibilidad ng isang magulang.

Ang sabi natin, "Ang buong sistema ang kailangang magbago. Ano ang magagawa kung ako lang ang magpapabago sa aking pamilya?"

E sino ang magbabago ng sistema?

Ano ba ang mga sankap ng sistema? Napakaginhawa sa atin na ang sistema ay binubuo ng ating mga kapitbahay, mga ibang tahanan, ibang syudad, ibang
komunidad, at ang pamahalaan. Pero hindi kasama IKAW at AKO. Pagdating sa ating pagkakaroon ng positibong handog sa sistema, ikinakandado natin ang sarili, pati
na ang ating pamilya sa loob ng isang ligtas na pugad at tumatanaw na lang tayo sa malayong mga lugar at bansa at naghihintay ng isang Mr. Clean na dumating at
maghatid na mga himala.

O lumilikas tayo. Parang mga tamad na duwag na hindi pinatatahimik ng ating mga takot, tumatakbo tayo sa Amerika upang makisalo sa kanilang luwalhati at
purihin sa kanilang sistema. Pero pag naging masalimuot sa New York tatakbo tayo sa Japan o Hongkong. Pag nagkahirapan ang paghanap ng trabaho sa
Hongkong, sakay agad tayo sa susunod na eroplano patungong Gitnang Silangan. Pag may digmaan sa Gulf, inaasahan nating masagip at mapauwi ng Gobyernong

Lahat ay handang umabuso at gumahasa sa bansa. Walang nag-iisip na handugan ang sistema. Ang konsyensya natin ay nakasanla sa pera. Mga mahal kong kababayan,
ang sulating ito ay matinding nakakakislot ng isipan, nangangailangan ng maraming pagmumuni-muni, at tumutusok din sa konsyensya. Medyo inuulit ko lang
ayon sa ating salita ang mga salita ni John
.F.Kennedy sa kanyang kabansa upang maitugma sa ating mga Pilipino:

"Itanong natin kung ano ang magagawa natin sa ating bansang Pilipinas at gawin ang nararapat upang ang Pilipinas ay maging tulad ng Amerika at ibang
kanlurang bansa ngayon."

Gawin natin kung ano ang kailangan ng Pilipinas sa atin. Ipasa ito sa lahat ng Pilipino.

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