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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Increase your Site Traffic and Profit in Terms of Double Listing

At first i wasn't aware and it wasn't my intention until i stumble unto a site that has a tutorial on how to increase your traffic by Double Listing. So without hesitation i try to Search on Google my keyword "Perplex Thoughts" which is the title of my blog. I was surprised that time seeing that my blog had been double listed by Google.

What is Double Listing by the way? Literally speaking double listing is by having a Double List your list with a indented list under your list. This happens when Google list up to two pages of domain for any given search on search engine results page so Google group them together.

How to do this?

1. Post a specific unique topic
2. Start each post with same topic name
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4.Name the post using both the topic name and title.
5.Write useful informative unique content.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Adsense

Yes! its true google banned my adsense for click fraud? click fraud... ? i didnt do it but it doesnt stop me from blogging. i'll be having a new account maybe if i had time to make a new one.

The Adventure of Humadapnon

I remember when i was a 2nd grader there where people who came in our class room to promote that reading and mathematic skills are important, of course they we're selling books and stuffs for mathematical purpose. But i was not into math so i decided to bought a book entitled the Adventure of Humadapnon. I dont know him but i was curious and amazed, intrigue by the its cover a man lifting a rock, like hercules. so i bought the book for 50 Pesos, Of course i bought it on the following day because i need to ask money from my mother. So I read the book and each of us who bought a book were asked by the teacher to read aloud it for next week class. so i was forced to read it. :) and now i want to share his story with you...

The Adventures of Humadapnon

A message from his spirit friends, Taghoy and Duwindi, came to Humadapnon in his sleep. In his dream he was told that a lovely maiden named Nagmalitong Yawa lived in a village by the mouth of the Halawod river. Humadpnon was the chief of the Sulod Nation whose people occupied an area close to the source of the Pan-ay river.

Humadapnon went to look for the maiden. He rode his golden boat for the journey. One day his boat was taken by a mysterious force that led it to a stagnant sea where the water was the color of human blood. It took Humadapnon and his crew seven months to cross this body of water.

They all thought they were safe until a strong wind came upon them and the boat was blown into a passage near the mouth of the Saruma river where two islands continously hit each other at intervals. With the help of his spirit friends Humadapnon was able to navigate his boat through the channel safely.

One day they came upon an island called Tarangban which was inhabited by beautiful women headed by a sorceress named Ginmayunan. Through the use of her charms and magic she persuaded Humadapnon to stay. Later Humadapnon and his crew were imprisoned by the women in the island for seven years.

Taghoy and Duwindi went to seek the help of Nagmalitong Yawa to free their friend. Nagmalitong Yawa, disguised as a man named Buyung Sunmasakay, won the freedom of Humadapnon and his crew. Afterwards Buyung Sunmasakay performed a ritual which removed the charms of Ginmayunan on Humadapnon. When Buyung Sunmasakay tranformed back into Nagmalitong Yawa, Humadapnon was struck by her beauty and immediately asked for her hand in marriage.

The maiden, who also was in love with him, told Humadapnon that she has to go back home to ask the blessings of her parents before she gets married. So they proceeded to Halawod. Along the way Humadapnon encountered Buyung Paglambuhan who ruled an island fortress in the middle of the sea. He vanquished the latter. Humadapnon and Nagmalitong Yawa were married in Halawod.

During the wedding feast, Dumalapdap met Huyung Adlaw, the daughter of one of the guests, Nabalansang Sukla who was the god of the Upperworld. Dumalapdap requested his brother Humadapnon to help him talk to the maiden's parents. They planned to go to the Upperworld after the wedding feast.

The journey took seven years. Matan-ayon, Humadapnon's mother suggested to Malitong Yawa that she should marry again for it seems that her husband is not coming back. Nagmalitong Yawa decided to re-marry this time to a man named Buyung Sumagulung, son of Mamang Paglambuhan who ruled an island fortress. The wedding ceremony was about to start when Humadapnon and Dumalapdap returned. At a distance Humadapnon blew his horn to signal his arrival. Those who were gathered for the ceremony grew fearful and some of the men went to the shoreline to meet the brothers and inform them of what was happening. The two were so angered that they killed all guests and the groom.

Humadapnon confronted his wife about her treachery. She explained that it was his mother who made the suggestion for her to re-marry. Humadapnon stabbed his wife to death. Later his conscience bothered him for what he did to his wife. His spirit friends also told him that his wife was not at fault and that what he did was unjust.

With remorse in his heart he approached his sister Labing Anyag and asked for her help for she had the power to bring back life to the dead. Seeing that her brother was geniunely sorry for what he did, she complied and brought back Nagmalitong Yawa from the dead.

Nagmalitong Yawa also felt shame for what she did to her husband so she ran away from him and went to the Underworld which was ruled by her uncle, Panlinugun, who is lord of the earthquake. Humadapnon followed her to the Underworld killing the eight-headed snake that guarded the channel leading to the place. She ran towards the Upperworld but half-way between the Middleworld and the Upperworld she was spirited away by a young man riding on the shoulders of the wind.

Humadapnon caught up with them and challenged the stranger to a duel. They fought for seven years with no one gaining the upperhand. The long fight was being witnessed by Alunsina from above. She got tired watching the contest so she came down to settle the case.

During the deliberations it was revealed to everyone's surprise that the stanger was Amarotha, also a son of Alunsina who died at childbirth but was brought back to life by her to keep her company. Alunsina decided that each man was entitled to a part of Nagmalitong Yawa so she ordered that the latter's body be cut in half. One half went to Humadapnon and the other to Amarotha. Alunsina then turned each half into a whole live person.

Humadapnon brought his wife back to Panay and ruled the island for centuries.

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